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The interesting and lively city of Bayreuth can offer you a high-class event schedule, all year round. We, the Bayreuth Marketing & Tourismus GmbH, will tell you what's happening in Bayreuth - whenever you are ready for a visit!

Which festival are you interested in?

1Wagner Festival Bayreuth
July 25th - August 28th

For more than 135 years the annual Richard Wagner Festival has taken place in the Festival Theatre on the Green Hill. A different selection of Wagner's musical dramas is shown every year in 30 performances per season to an evening audience of 2,000 people.

2013 Bayreuth is celebrating 200 years of Richard Wagner so this year will be one of the highlights in Wagner Festival history.

For more information look at, call us or send a mail.


To obtain tickets send a written request to the Festival's ticket office before the end of September the previous year. The Festival Theatre can be visited until the Festival begins and after that.

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250 Years Jean Paul

Another highlight in 2013 is the jubilee of Jean Paul. On 2013-03-21 Jean Paul would have been 250 years old. There are many things to discover about the famous Poet.

More information on or contact our Tourist-Information Team.

Bayreuth Easter Festival
2013: march 29th - april 7th
april 11st - 25th (20th anniversary)
Concerts by the International Youth Orchestra Academy, from classic to jazz, performed in the Margravial Opera House and other historic venues.

Musica Bayreuth
Series of classical concerts in the Margravial Opera House, in the Civic Hall Bayreuth, in churches and various concert halls.
International Youth Festival Bayreuth

International Youth Festival Bayreuth
International participants invite you to concerts for symphony orchestra and chamber music, new music, musicals, readings, Wagner lectures, exhibitions, and culture management seminars.

Bayreuth Piano Festival
2013: June 28th - July 30th
Series of concerts by famous pianists, from classical to modern style, in the new E-272 concert piano by piano manufacturer Steingrabere & Söhne.

Traditional festivals

16 crazy carnival days
2013: February 7th - 12th

Spring Fun Fair
2013: March 30th - April 7th

Maisel's Wheat Beer Festival
2013: May 2nd - 5th

Fun Fair Bayreuth
2013: May 17th - 27th
It's party time again with Bayreuth's "Octoberfest" in May. Rides, beer tents, fireworks and music. Come and enjoy it!

City Street Festival
2013: July 5th - 7th
In the centre of Bayreuth the City Street Festival takes place every year on the first weekend in July. Next to the Bayreuther Volksfest it is the highlight of the Bayreuth festival season. The main attraction is the "beer street" with five Bayreuth breweries and various stages with live music. The Sunday of the Bürgerfest is traditionally reserved for culture and arts.

2013: July 18th - 21th
The Afro-Caribbean-Festival is a big street festival in Bayreuth city centre with traditional music an food of Africa and the Caribbean. "Wakadjo" - let´s dance together - is the device of the festival.

Summernight's FestivalSummernight's Festival
2013: July 27th
One of the most beautiful and romantic events in Franconia is certainly the Bayreuth Summernight's Festival in the Eremitage. It takes place every year at the end of July or the beginning of August in the extensive park of the Eremitage. The old Margravine tradition was revived in 1969: 250 years ago the Margraves invited their subjects to this splendid summer festival. Today thousands of visitors come to enjoy the various attractions, and if the weather is fine, the festival continues until the break of dawn.


Christmas MarketChristmas Market
2013: 30.11. - 23.12.
In the historic city centre, in front of the baroque Spitalkirche, you will find Bayreuth's magnificently illuminated Christmas Market. You can discover typical booths selling Christmas decorations and other items. There are brass bands and organ concerts to accompany it. 

Candlemas Market (city centre, Maximilian Street)
2013: January 31st - February 3rd

Maestro Craftsmen Market
2013: April 13th - 14th

with flower market

Artist Market
2013: July 7th

Martini Market
2013: November 1st - 4th

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