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City of Museums

Bayreuth is primarily famous for Richard Wagner. But the history of the town has been eventful, and it can be discovered in a various number of museums. You can find some 22 various museums and collections in the town. Of this variety of museums, two warrant special mention.

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One of them exists in Richard Wagner‘s former home, house "Wahnfried", the Richard Wagner museum. It illustrates the life and work of the composer, who celebrated his greatest success in Bayreuth. In the "Museum of Sound" the visitors can experience historical recordings from Wagner’s operas.

The Franz Liszt Museum is not far from "Wahnfried". In the house where Franz Liszt died, the city has dedicated a museum to the piano 1virtuoso and Wagner’s father-in-law. Next to it, at the Jean Paul Museum you can learn something about the poet, who is considered to be one of the leading figures of romanticism and has strongly influenced Bayreuth’s spiritual past. The author of "Siebenkäs" lived in Bayreuth from 1804 until his death in 1825.

The second museum centre of Bayreuth is located in the Historical town centre. After extensive renovation work it moved to its new domicile in the Old Latin School behind the main church. Visitors can take a walk through Bayreuth’s history, from the beginning, via the time of the Margraves to the present. Just a few steps further you can find the Museum of Natural History of Upper Franconia, which has been installed in the former domicile of the town museum – its geological collection has a very good reputation.

A little further on you can find the Old Town Hall of Bayreuth, where a cultural centre has been established. It also contains the Museum of Art. In the changing expositions the vast municipal art properties are exhibited. The Old Town Hall also presents the historical collection of British American Tobacco GmbH. Furthermore there are locations for cultural events and gastronomy to be found on the ground floor of the building.

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