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Health Centre of Bayreuth


The City of Bayreuth is a centre for health and wellness with nationwide prominence.

The health care system, including both in- and out-patient medical care and “wellness programmes”, constitutes an important capital asset in the development of the City of Bayreuth. In this regard, it is not only a valued infrastructure for the residents of Bayreuth and the surrounding region, but also a valuable employment and business factor.

Stadt Bayreuth (City of Bayreuth)
Business Department
Luitpoldplatz 13, 95444 Bayreuth
Tel.: 0049 (0)921/25-15 83
E-Mail: wirtschaftsfoerderung@stadt.bayreuth.de

Five state-of-the-art specialised medical facilities (with 2,200 hospital beds), which together guarantee the highest level of comprehensive medical care (Level 4 – on a par with university medical care facilities).

Hohe Warte HospitalHealth care providers assure the expansion and further development of their facilities through continuing investments that run into millions of Euros. The recent new facilities in the Bayreuth Medical Centre alone bear out this point in a significant way: Heart Surgery, Skin Care Clinic, Geriatrics Clinic, the Northern Bavarian Centre for Children with head and brain injuries, Isotope Therapy and a Palliative Care Unit. The current discussions between the two acute medical care facilities – the Bayreuth Medical Centre and “Hohe Warte” Hospital – concerning closer collaboration - promise further opportunities for development (e.g. consideration of an Ear, Nose and Throat Department).

The Lohengrin Therme

The Lohengrin Thermal BathsThe Lohengrin Therme with a nationally recognised medicinal spring, 1,000 sq yards of water area and nearby medical centre with the incorporated “Parsifal Clinic” for plastic cosmetic surgery, medical institutes and overnight accommodation.

Immediately surrounding the Lohengrin Therme there are 60,000 sq yards of space available for the development of complementary facilities in the fields of health care and wellness.

Among the ancillary attractions of the area are: the most diverse selection of “wellness” programmes in all of Germany, the Baroque park facility Hermitage located in the nature reserve of the Red Main Valley as well as an 18-hole golf course with a panoramic view of the city.

International Cooperation

In addition to its regional and national importance as a health care centre, Bayreuth also works collaboratively on international level. With a view towards the approaching “eastward expansion” of the European Union, the City of Bayreuth has already initiated forward-looking cooperative ventures with health facilities and medical specialists in Carlsbad and Eger areas of the neighbouring Czech Republic.

Departure Points for Expansion and Specialisation

This quantitative and qualitative concentration of a valuable health care system offers at once numerous and interesting departure points for further expansion and specialisation. For example, an interface for “New Materials” and medicine has developed through the efforts of the Friedrich Baur Research Institute for Biomaterials in Bayreuth that has made innovations for the producers of implants possible.
Decisions regarding the land utilisation of the Bayreuth Technology Park, the Industrial Park at the airport as well as that of the Lohengrin thermal baths area are made exclusively by the City of Bayreuth. These areas will be directly awarded to interested parties at attractive prices; development of the area in question at short notice is guaranteed.

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