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(Group offer 6 days / 5 nights)1

Around 2,000 years of cultural history include the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in South and Central Germany. Bayreuth is the ideal starting point to visit the nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites under four day trip:

Day 1

Margravine Wilhelmine, the favorite art-loving sister of Frederick the Great, gave Bayreuth a numerous palaces, parks and the wonderful Margrave Opera House that has been declared as the most beautiful baroque theater in Europe, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Experience a tour of the city's Bayreuth as Margravine Wilhelmine created it.    

Day 2

Trip to Würzburg and visit of the Prince's Residence with the famous ceiling frescoes by Tiepolo, which was one of the first places of Germany UNESCO World Heritage appointed. In the afternoon you will do a city-tour in Bamberm. The entire old town of Bamberg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for exactly 20 years    

Day 3

Trip to the nearly 2,000-year-old Regensburg, whose intact medieval city center was also named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Move stop at White Castle at the Limes, the former Roman border fortifications in Germania and visit the Roman Museum with the famous Roman treasure. This antique border wall was included as one of the outstanding archaeological monuments in the bottom list of UNESCO Welterbstätte.

Day 4

Trip to Weimar, the sites of German classicism and the Bauhaus are represented twice in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Day 5

Trip to Prague, which also has to have with the historic old town and the castle park Pruhonice two UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Day 6

End of the official program. We recommend to extend your trip to Dessau Worlitz, Potsdam and Berlin, and thus to increase the number of visited UNESCO World Heritage Sites on overall 14th


Five nights' accommodation with breakfast, city tour in Bayreuth, full-day excursions to Wurzburg, Bamberg, White Castle, Regensburg, Prague and Weimar, including entrance fees, private bus required.    

Price per person in a double room in a 3 star hotel 399 €

Price per person in a double room in a 4 star hotel 449 €

Single room supplement each: € 129    

Minimum number of participants

15 people, available all year round, except in mid-July till end of August    

Information and booking

Tourist Information Bayreuth Opernstraße 22, 95444 Bayreuth, Tel: 0921 / 885-88, e-mail: info@bayreuth-tourismus.dewww.bayreuth-tourismus.de