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Central StationExcellent transport links

Good road and rail links are important not only for the future economic development of the town, but also for the quality of life of its citizens.  Bayreuth enjoys excellent connections, in all directions.

The extension of the motorway A9 up to 6 lanes as a central traffic project resulting from the "German reunification" is providing the city of Bayreuth with an optimal connection to Munich and Berlin. The motorway A70 Bayreuth – Schweinfurt provides a direct connection to the west. The national roads B2, B22 and B85 also connect Bayreuth with the most important centres of northern Bavaria.

Bayreuth is not only easily accessible by road. After long years of political effort, Bayreuth has been integrated into the long distance rail network from Nuremberg to Dresden, within the extension of the Franconia-Saxonia- Magistrale. Regional train services complement this offer with hourly services from Bayreuth to the ICE station of Nuremberg.

The town also has a regional airport for business and private flights.